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a Swiss photographer who felt in love with your country side

My name is Mathieu, however you can call me Mathys ! I am a passionate photographer who has always been fascinated by the magical landscapes of your beautiful country.

I remember the first time I discovered your country and the people was through the Harry Potter series. From the first page, I was hooked to the point where i begged my parents for years to visit the UK so I could have a taste of what was so magical about it. 20 years later, I am fortunate enough to be booked all year around allowing me to revist my first love, England, which I will be offering a very special deal, Are you curious to know more about it ?


"My passion brought to you AT AN EXCLUSIVE PRICE

Being so certain that the culture, people and landscape that your country has to offer will be the ingredients of some amazing photos. the joy i feel by covering your wedding in the uk is the best reason to offer you my services at an incredible price.

What you will get 

Sheer dedication, expertise, passion, creativity. I have developped a style inspired by the old paintings. A play between light and darkness, raw emotions and euphoria.

Together we will create incredible images, inspired by your story, as well as your wedding setup for which I'm certain you took great care at choosing all the details that are going to make that day so special.

I am offering my service at the absolute best price. In fact, I am so certain that your wedding will allow me to create the most incredible photos that I am offering you a lower price than my Swiss Packages and without any travel fees !

Starting at £499 for a full day - all included !

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