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Photographe Mariages à l'étranger - A la découverte de talents uniques !

C'est une idée que j'ai eu depuis longtemps, celle d'interviewer divers collègues photographes du monde entier pour vous faire découvrir leurs travail et vous inspirer dans votre recherche de photographes pour votre grand jour. Aujourd'hui je vous présente Brigette Burman de chez Brigette Burman Photography

Who are you and what do love in life and what are your hobbies ? My name is Brigette, I am 26 years old and a travel enthusiast, adventure junkie, and free spirit at heart. Aside from photography, I have a big passion for music, Chicago Pizza, and the outdoors. Some of my other hobbies are yoga, cooking, and holistic health.When Im not photographing weddings I can often be found planning my next international adventure!

what's your experience in photography?

I have been holding a camera in my hand for as long as I can remeber. What started out as a hobby, turned into a passion, which has now turned into a full blown career! I got my start in concert and festival photography, documenting the lively colorful chaos that takes place at such events. After realizing concert photography only pays in concert tickets, I was determined to figure out a way to make a living full time doing photography, and that is when I decided to give shooting my first wedding a go and fell in love. I made the leap to quit my job, update all my gear, and get as much experience shooting weddings as possible and here I am a couple years later running my own photography buisness full time focused on destination weddings and elopements!

Why have chosen photography as a job?

Its funny, growing up, everyone always told me I should be a photographer, and I never saw it as a possible career, until one day passion took over, and I was determined to find any way to make it a full time thing. I chose Photography because I absolutely love it as a creative outlet. I love being able to capture snippets of time that are frozen memories for people and myself to cherish for a lifetime. Photographs are so powerful and will stand the test of time. I love how my camera connects me to amazing people, places, and memories all around the world. It allows me a life of freedom and creativity to live and work how I want from where I want. I can't imagine doing anything I would love more than photographing moments for a living.

What are your influences and inspirations from:

I am very much inspired by the outdoors, nature, landscapes, adventures, and real natural moments. Landscapes and the natural setting couples are in influence so much of my work and how I compose a portrait. I prefer candid to posed anyday. Some of my major inspirations are Maddie Mae, Jacob Moon, And Chris & Ruth. I also get inspired by my couples I work with as each pair have a different story, different quirks, and different shared hobbies. I always try to really get to know a couple before hand and how they spend their time and their shared hobbies, and try to portray that in images so it really represents them as a couple.

How many weddings do you do per year:

It all depends on the year honestly. However I try to keep it in the range of 20-30 weddings a year to keep a happy work life balance and have time to travel!

Is cooperation with other vendors important during a wedding and why ?

Absolutley! Vendors play such a large role in wedding days! Vendors contribute so much to how my photographs turn out as a final result. Each individual vendor really helps bring a wedding day vision together, and there is nothing greater when you work with a team of vendors who all vibe together seamlessly and passionately, in hopes for giving the couple the best day ever!

What advice would you give to your clients so they choose the best fit photographers:

Choosing a wedding photographer is such a personal thing. Some of the best advice I could give to couples looking for a wedding photographer is to find someone you vibe with on a personal level. Look beyond their work, and look into who they are as a person and if you click with what they have to say. You end up spending a LOT of time with your wedding photographer on one of the most important days of your life and leading up to the big day, so you might as well love the person you are working with on a personal level. Go with a photographer who wants to get to know you guys as a couple on a personal level and meet with you before the big day so that it feels like you guys are 3 pals on your bid day, it will make your expereince more comfortable and enjoyable all around! I also reccomend in investing. I know wedding photography can come with a hefty price tag, but in reality your wedding photos and your love is all you have left at the end of the day. The cake gets eaten, the DJ stops spinning tracks, the flowers die, but your photos will always remain and bring you back to your magical day.

The recipe for a good wedding photo?

Dreamy light, some epic nature/landscape vibes, and two people wildly in love.

What gear do you use ?

I work with a setup of 2 full frame Canon 5D Mark 4s, a 24-70mm 2.8 lens, 35mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, and my two personal favorites my 85mm 1.8, & 70-200 2.8!

Something fun / crazy / that has happened at a wedding ? This past summer I shot a wedding in Chicago of a couple that had randomly found me online from Los Angeles. We became Facebook friends, and I noticed we had one mutual friend. An older woman that happened to be my moms cousin that I had never met. On the day of the wedding, I asked How do you know Donna? My groom replied, " Oh she's my mom's cousin!" As I replied back, " Wait she's my mom's cousin!" Where we then exchanged odd glances wondering if we could be related. It turned out Donna was at the wedding along with several of my mom's other cousins, and my grandpa's last living sibling was there as well. I ended up getting to meet and hang with a ton of family I never even knew I had! I believe shooting that wedding was truly destined to be and it will alweays be one of my favorite wedding memories!

Brigette Burgman Photography

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